About Us

My name is Lee Yule I am the store owner, I have worked in eyewear most of my life, having distributed some well known fashion companies over the years. Overtime I became a little disillusioned with the way that the larger eyewear businesses were capitalising on the popularity of some of their brands and using that power to marginalise smaller companies. This was when my interest in vintage frames blossomed and this offered me some relief from a lot of the generic designs that were around at that time. My love of vintage design and the way the internet was opening up the world introduced me to a wonderful world of other collectors who were like minded and had a passion to discover the archives of brands like Cazal and Dior. A love affair with vintage frames followed with me assembling a respectable collection, this led to me being invited to show some of these frames at eyewear shows across Europe where I got to meet a few of my fellow collectors.

My store Bridges and Brows is the culmination of my love of vintage frames and my desire to support the smaller lesser well known brands from around the world. Please do come and visit us and see our wide selection of frames with something to suit most people. We are proud of our honest and straight forward guidance when finding a frame for our customers, with an extensive knowledge of our stock and many years experience of finding just the right frame for people. We are at at 63 Redchurch Street, London E2 7DJ or email us if you have any questions at